Our home kennel: “Wind of West Pomeranian” FCI Berger de Brie – Briard Working Dog, French Briard Kennel. Is part of Polish  Cynologique Federation (ZKwP) which is the only member of Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

We take special care when selecting our dogs. We taking in account their physical and mental attributes to guarantee dog’s versatility, health, temperament and how they fit into family’s life.

Having best possible parents do not guarantee all the above without proper socialization- work with puppies and their interaction with other dogs. This is something we pay a lot attention to from early days to ensure their correct development. In various areas for example:  courage, dealing with stress when around other animals and people.

First few weeks are crucial and thus we have developed a training program. All our briard puppies start when they are 3 days old, by stimulating their senses and introducing new experiences gradually. That we creating super briard puppies;) – Early Neurological Stimulation.

Briard puppies leaving our kennel are prepared to interact with others. As well as covered by all necessary tests and vaccines. All have health book and certificate from ZKwP which is needed if you would like your dog to take part in shows, exams and tournaments.

All Briard puppy owners receive 24h support and help with further training as well as picking the right puppy.

We are giving your part of us – dogs that we already fell in love with and shared all we could to be prepared for the outside world. We would like to stay in touch with all new owners, hear about their development and successes.