Wind of West Pomeranian FCI Kennel:

BEL Amour El'Bridorado Wind of Pomeranian FCI Working Dog Kennel

BEL AMOUR El’Bridorado FCI “Bella” Briard-Berger de Brie

fauve bitch  19.04.2012

full breeding permission

HD – A/A, ED 0/0, CSNB – clear,

psychical/character test: 15/15 (PL)
HWT (Herding Working Test Traditional Style) – second briard in Poland with this title

BH –  Companion Dog

Champion Poland

Junior Champion Poland

Club Show Briard & Beauceron 2016 – second –   kl. open

Best of Breed

Multi Junior Champion

Best Puppy

Best Baby

trains sport:

search and rescue dog


IPO – (Internationale Pruefungs-Ordnung)agility


pedigree –  with foto




working class certificate HWT TS

Mental-Character test

Certificate CSNB

eye examination

Dogs bitework-schutzdienst briard IPO

Briard training IPO- bitework (schutzdienst)

Dogs Briard Bella herding

Briard Bella herds sheep and goats

Dogs search and rescue dog Briard Bella

Mission-search and rescue

Dogs Briard puppy-dog a couple of memories-in the embrace

puppy-dog years and a couple of memories