briard puppies for sale

Wind of West Pomeranian FCI Berger de Brie – Briard Kennel is expecting briard puppies around 27.01.2017


ESPECIALLY FOR YOU des Plaines de Brotonnesire of briard puppies comes from a prominent French breed. Father of many successful champions and working dogs with great temperament. His ancestors, and siblings can boast the highest results sports dogs working in France, as: Ring 3, Mondioring 2, Pistage. This exams requiring dogs best physical and mental predispositions.

BEL AMOUR El’Bridorado – bitch of briard puppies comes from the best of Polish breeds El’Bridorado FCI: 2014,2014 and 2016. Her parents are Multi and Interchampions. She is very caring and patient with small children, which we have experienced ourselves seeing how friendly and protective she is of our child. She is a very intelligent dog and has been trained in herding, IPO, as rescue dog and how to search.

If you are interested and wish to have a great companion, especially if you like active dogs and/or need one for shows, this is a great opportunity to acquire one.